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Information about our website :

We made this website so as to provide information in French or other languages about our Dojo. If you are a member of Shorinkutsu-dojo, disciple of Kido Roshi and want to help us to translate documents from Japanese or English to another European language, please contact us at : contact.shorinkutsu (a t)


Documents in English



(French note : les francophones lisant l’anglais trouveront dans ces liens une

documentation qui complète utilement celle proposée en français, très partielle)


You can download Pdf files here :


You can also access to some English-language documents available on the Shorinkutsu-dojo official website English homepage by following this link :



This audio might be a good introduction


The dharma talk by Kido Inoue Roshi (Zen master). (MP3 sound file)

Kido Roshi gives the dharma talks after the meals. The dharma talks, questions and answers were interpreted in English for the non-Japanese speaking pupils. These dharma talks are recommended for the Zen practice beginners




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Shorinkutsu-dojo Europe Members Webpage is ruled by members of Shorinkutsu-dojo, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan, headed by Kido Inoue Roshi. We are located in Nancy (France). Further information on demand at contact.shorinkutsu (a t) .


This webpage is private. It is allowed by Kido Roshi, but does not represent the Dojo.

Since several years, there has been no religious disciple of Kido Roshi living in Europe.

The official webpage for all countries is :

(updated : october 2010)


For any question, request or information, you can write to us

in English (for Europe) or French, even Japanese, at this address :

contact.shorinkutsu (a t)


or, in English (other countries) or Japanese , by using the official one in Japan :


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